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ACA | Armenian Code Academy

UX Research | UI Design | Logo Creation | App Design

About the project

What is Armenian Code Academy?

ACA is an educational institution. ACA is passionate about educating new specialists and ensuring their professional self-realization, thus supporting the market and the progress in Armenia’s technological future.

Problem Statement

The course registration needs a smooth user experience. In order to create a successful site, first we need to implement a full process of understanding what the users' pain points are and solve them through intentional design.


The challenge was to help people in their career online and save time in selecting courses and online registrations.


To solve the above-mentioned issue we ran design sprints: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. We created an app and web site which allows people to search and select the profession and course, and register immediately to save time.

Our Role

We run the design process from scratch. We intended to design the product based on research findings. So, we conducted user research using UX deliverables such as interviews, perosnas, site map, information architectur, moderated usability testing. This work process contributed hugely to the final design solutions. We also worked on the UI part, defining the product style, creating components and grouping them in a UI Kit.

Process Timeline

The project development took 10 weeks overall. It was a full-time project, and we worked for 20-30 hours a week. Design was continuously changing and being improved. At this time as well.